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Menorca Hikes (Google Earth)

The HiWPj waypoints are from the book Walk! Menorca, by David and Ros Brawn (2nd edition, 2009).

Menorca Waypoints (viewed in Google Earth, viewed in Google My Maps)

Google Maps no longer handles KML/KMZ files, so the URL is for Google My Maps, which is different. Unfortunately, Google My Maps does not yet support all of the functionality of Google Maps (e.g., Street View).

Annotated map showing highlights from our December 2015 trip to Menorca.

Prague Hikes (Google Earth)

A hike in the Sandias, from Ellena Gallegos Park to the Sandia Peak Tramway, via the Pino and Crest trails (Google Earth)

Several of the waypoints are from the book, Sandia Mountain Hiking Guide, by Mike Coltrin (2005).

ATV ride around Agua Fria, north of Phoenix (Google Earth, pdf)

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